At Hisleek we accelerate business outcomes for our clients through our expert information technology consulting and outsourcing services. We support a wide variety of small, medium and large firms with services that span the entire spectrum of the IT services lifecycle. Our industry-leading solutions transform businesses not only for a better today, but also for a better future.


Here at Hisleek, we’ve assembled a tight-knit group of talented individuals who take pride in the software and services that solve problems and facilitates business success. Founded in 2011 in Lagos, Nigeria, we were built on the ideas of solving problems with technology in brand new ways.


Our mission is clear

We speed up your business

We help to optimize your business processes with CRM, ERP, BI and other customs solutions.


Our Values

To inspire our global teams to deliver extraordinary results
Apply intellectual curiosity to reimagine better business outcomes for our clients
Protect our environment, honor our diversity and treat everyone with dignity
Take personal responsibility when things go awry and always ascribe success to the team

Our Partners

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